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Content & Approach: Delve into the dynamic world of Python programming in this beginner-centric workshop. Participants journey from foundational programming concepts to hands-on mini-projects such as crafting a calculator or a basic diary application. Using a mix of interactive sessions, real-time coding, and enlightening discussions, the course ensures an enriching learning milieu.

Event Goals:

• Ignite curiosity and enthusiasm for technology among the youth.

• Equip attendees with foundational Python programming knowledge.

• Encourage independent exploration post-event with resources and tools.

Target Demographic: Catering to youngsters aged 10-18, our event especially welcomes neophytes in coding. We've tailored our content to be accessible, ensuring that each participant, regardless of their prior exposure, finds value and engagement.

Unique Selling Points:

1. Tailored Assistance: Our format allows individual attention, ensuring every query is addressed.

2. Engaging Activities: Our curriculum emphasizes hands-on tasks, making learning tangible and rewarding.

3. Seasoned Instructors: Beyond coding prowess, our trainers excel in translating complex concepts into digestible lessons for young learners.

Registration & Other Details: Every person can visit our Website and register for the Project, which is available for all.

Inclusivity Focus: We're committed to diversity and inclusivity. We've earmarked slots for children from underserved communities. Indicate your background during registration for priority access.

Veranstalter: EU Code Week (Import)

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